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Problem posting binary "complex" structure.

From: Daniel C <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 11:07:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hello, although I have succesfully used the post binary procedures, when then I went to try with a different binary structure, it doens't work properly.
I explain: i am sending a binary post to a fastcgi aplication. I have tried sending a simple struct correctly created (consective bytes) and works perfectly.
I receive the post on the fastcgi aplication, and read the exact estructure and size that I sent with curl.
But when I change the structured send for a far complex struct (but again well constructed, consecutive bytes) it sends it and in the other side (fastcgi) I recieve correct size but this bytes are all '0'!.
So I don't understand what is going on. Even though my complex struct were not consecutive bytes , the first part of it is ensure to be static simple types like int, so at least the first bytes should not be just '0'.
What would it be?.
Sorry for my english, it is not my native langauage.
Received on 2008-08-06