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Re: Autobuild Red Hat 7.2 Linux 2.4 i686 lcc 4.2 glibc 2.2.5

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 21:30:54 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Yang Tse wrote:

> If think that we had 'something' on the source tree that tried to provide
> large file support in libcurl even with a 4 byte off_t. But maybe it was
> only for Windows, I'll have to look it up.

I'm quite sure that was only windows. I can't think of any other non-off_t
system with large file support.

> Concerning Dan's comment about disabling large file support. If the system
> provides it as a default without AC_SYS_LARGEFILE having to define anything
> at all, then it will not be possible to actually disable it. IOW it will
> only be possible disable it on those systems where AC_SYS_LARGEFILE actually
> has to define 'something' to enable it.

--disable-largefile is already supported by that configure macro, and thus we
already have it!

Received on 2008-08-11