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Re: Is your company using libcurl!?

From: Tim Tassonis <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 14:47:23 +0200

Hi Daniel

I'm working for Swisscom, the leading telecommunication provider in
Switzerland (

I don't know whether libcurl is used elsewhere in the company, but it's
used in our department in a self-written User Account Management

We use the php binding for the php written Application Core where curl
is needed to propagate outstanding account manipulations to relay
servers vi a https.

On every managed system (around 800) libcurl is heavily used in the
agent, a program polling for and executing pending account
manipulations, as well as reporting any changes in the local user
account database.

Features we use:
- https with proper certificate verification
- get and (form) post, file upload
- basic authentication

The agent runs on linux, solaris as well as windows, without problems.

As the application is only used internally, I would call it company use
instead of commercial use.


Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Hey
> In my ongoing mission to document company and "commercial" use of curl
> and libcurl, I'm interested in getting to know if you or your company
> are using libcurl but aren't mentioned on the company-users web page?
> No need for details in case you're the secretive kind, just your company
> name is enough but some additional blurb is always fun if possible!
> Allow me to also mention that I got a very friendly mail from AOL on
> this topic:
> Feel free to reply to me privately if you want.
Received on 2008-08-25