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Re: State of things for release?

From: tetetest tetetest <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 15:44:22 +0400

<P>Hi.<BR>Not sure if this is a real&nbsp;problem: 'make dist' target is
broken in curl-7.18.2.<BR>Consequently, maketgz doesn't work
either:<BR>make pdf<BR>make dist<BR>make: *** No rule to make target
`Makefile.dist', needed by `distdir'.&nbsp; Stop.<BR>Generating
curl-7.18.2.tar.bz2<BR>gzip: curl-7.18.2.tar.gz: No such file or
directory<BR>Generating<BR>gzip: ../curl-7.18.2.tar.gz:
No such file or directory<BR>zip error: Nothing to do!
(<BR>mv: cannot stat `': No such file or
directory<BR>------------------<BR>maketgz report:<BR>ls:
curl-7.18.2.tar.gz: No such file or directory<BR>ls: No
such file or directory<BR>-rw-rw-r--&nbsp; 1 anegorov clearcase 14 Aug
26 15:43 curl-7.18.2.tar.bz2<BR>md5sum: curl-7.18.2.tar.gz: No such file
or directory<BR>4059d198768f9f8dc9372dc1c54bc3c3&nbsp;
curl-7.18.2.tar.bz2<BR>md5sum: No such file or
directory<BR>Run this:<BR>gpg -b -a curl-7.18.2.tar.gz &amp;&amp; gpg -b
-a curl-7.18.2.tar.bz2 &amp;&amp; gpg -b -a</P>
Received on 2008-08-26