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RE: FTP Upload problems with Multi interface

From: Andreas Wurf <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 12:54:42 +0000

Hi Daniel and Markus,

I integrated the patch into my libcurl-7.19.2 and built ftp-multi-upload.c and our original test application (totally different codebase but uses libcurl multi interface nearly the same way as ftp-multi-upload.c and has the same problems with stuck channels). Some Results:

Original ftp-multi-upload, 100 test rounds: no stuck channels.
ftp-multi-upload with "#define numChannels 4", 100 test rounds: no stuck channels.
Original test app, 50 test rounds with mixed 2, 3, 4 parallel channels: no stuck channels.

Everything looks good so far.

With my tests, I just had an eye on the successfully finished uploads. I only did minor checks to ensure the consistency and integrity of the transferred files, but I could see that: 1) All files were uploaded, 2) that the smallest (1 byte) and 3) the biggest (560KB) of them had the expected content.

Markus, any results from your side?
Any ideas about the schedule for a final fix?

Received on 2008-11-18