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Need --enable-libcares

From: Carlo Wood <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 20:58:52 +0100

Hello all,

I'm working on a new debian package (isn't official yet, but
the idea it will be) for the open source 'Second Life' viewer
(Open Meta Verse viewer, or omvviewer).

Linden Lab made their viewer open source and provides binary
downloads for several platforms, including linux 32bit.

I'm working with 64bit myself and that works perfectly,
compiled from source.

The binary distributed by LL links with a curl library
that is configured with --enable-libcares. They also
distribute this shared library (along with a lot of
others) and have people link with those libraries
when they start the viewer.

However, the debian team of omvviewer wants to use as
much as possible the shared libraries that are provided
by debian, of course. Several packages have already been
added to debian for this reason.

The problem at the top of our TODO list is currently:
the libcurl package in debian is not using libcares.
This results in the viewer freezing for a whole second,
sometimes even more, several times per minute. This is
unacceptable of course.

We need libcurl to use libcares (which was added to
debian due to our efforts).

I just tried a compile of libcurl with --enable-libcares=/usr
on my 64bit machine, with IPv6 enabled, and all 445 tests
that were run succeeded.

Is it possible that on short term you make a release of
libcurl that uses this configuration option by default?
It seems to me that libcares IS ready now. Realize that
literally ten thousands of people are using it already
daily (millions in total, albeit mostly on windows) on
the SecondLife grid.


Carlo Wood <>
Received on 2008-11-24