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Re: libcurl to tunnel VNC as SSL ?

From: Bharat Varma <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 14:59:28 +0530

2008/11/26 Dan Fandrich <>

> > Has any one tried this ? I have seen some solutions with stunnel and ssh.
> But
> > when it comes to VNC, I am at a loss. I seem to be able to do SSL
> certificate
> > exchange, but after that the channel breaks.
> > I do not understand SSL / TLS (infact, HTTP itself.. I feel lucky that I
> found
> > out about the HTTPPROXYTUNNEL option itself) all too well, so it would be
> great
> > to see if anyone knows that this is atleast possible.
> Is the reflector literally reflecting packets from real client to real
> server,
> or does it actually understand the VNC protocol itself and terminate the
> two ends of the VNC connection itself? If the former, then you'll just be
> passing SSL traffic blindly from one connection to the other, which libcurl
> will happily do.
> If the latter, then libcurl will handle the client end just fine (using
> curl_easy_recv and curl_easy_send). The server end (terminating the
> connection to the VNC server) it won't do. But depending on whether you
> want SSL on both legs of the reflector, that might not be necessary. If
> so, then you'll have to write that side to OpenSSL/GnuTLS/etc. directly.

The reflector does understand the protocol (and maintains a *current*
screenbuffer). So what you are suggesting is simply have a OpenSSL based
reflector to take care of things..

I need some time to figure out what this means :).. Thank you.

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