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Re: Why is upload with curl slow?

From: Thorsten Schanno <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2008 14:58:25 +0100

> And that also just uses one single FTP connection?
>I can't explain why you experience this. libcurl doesn't do much besides
>sending away data while your in the upload phase so I don't know how it could
>be that huge speed difference. I figure you need to start digging into
>checking system calls, buffer size etc to see how the two differs and what we
>can do to make the libcurl-using one run faster.
>I assume this is a recent libcurl version (on Windows) ?

Yes I m using the most recent version on Windows.

But, I think the problem is the ftp server I used. For testing I installed another ftp server (pureftp, not local) and I got the full bandwidth :-)

Anyway, thanks alot!!

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