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Re: CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION doesn't work?

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 21:35:22 -0800

On Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 04:25:30PM -0500, A. Craig West wrote:
> Looking at the curl_proxytype enum, I am nearly convinced that this is
> the correct place this after all, as it seems more consistent with how
> the SOCKS proxies are done. I am a fan of consistency... There are a

I'm in agreement.

> couple of options here, though, and I would like some opinions. I am
> currently thinking of adding:
> CURL_PROXY_HTTP_1_1 = 2,
> and having CURLPROXY_HTTP act somewhat like the current
> CURL_HTTP_VERSION_NONE, and try to determine for itself what to use.

Adding the logic to determine the right version to use on its own might get
tricky. Is it even possible to do it reliably? Forcing the app developer
to hard-code a version number would certainly be more straightforward from
the libcurl perspective.

> The alternative would be just to add CURL_PROXY_HTTP_1_1 = 1, and have
> it default to 1_0. This option has the advantage of preserving current
> functionality, which apparently hasn't broken for very many people. I
> have investigated our set-up here, and it appears that this is
> breaking when doing https: authentication through a Microsoft ISA web
> proxy.
> The reaon I would prefer to have it use 1.1 if possible as a default
> is that it appears to be more standards-compliant that way...

It's hard to say what's more standards-compliant when there don't seem to
be standards in this area. What do the major browsers send when tunneling?

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