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Re: CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION doesn't work?

From: A. Craig West <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 07:33:47 -0500

2009/1/9 Dan Fandrich <>:
> Adding the logic to determine the right version to use on its own might get
> tricky. Is it even possible to do it reliably? Forcing the app developer
> to hard-code a version number would certainly be more straightforward from
> the libcurl perspective.

I will use Wireshark to observe some more sessions, in many cases we
have at least some information from the proxy server to use in
determining this.

> It's hard to say what's more standards-compliant when there don't seem to
> be standards in this area. What do the major browsers send when tunneling?

Firefox 3 sends HTTP/1.1, I will check what IE does at the office. As
to standards, HTTP 1.0 did not contain any reference to tunneling with
CONNECT, it appears to have been introduced originally in an RFC
introduced by Netscape (which for some reason did not have an RFC
number) in 1995. It was then included in the HTTP 1.1 official
specification (RFC 2616). This is my main argument about standards
compliance, as HTTP 1.1 is the only one that actually includes
Received on 2009-01-09