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Re: couldn't resolve host

From: Matthias Brantner <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 00:07:18 -0800


thanks for your hints. I finally solved the problem. I was completely
misled by the error that curl returned. It had nothing to do with curl
at all. Instead, as you mentioned, I was leaking a file descriptor.


On Jan 9, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Jan 2009, Matthias Brantner wrote:
>> the Amazon Web Services. With this library, I created a fuse-based
>> file system for S3. It seems to work quite well. However, after
>> doing a few hundred requests, libcurl suddenly starts to return the
> That's usually a sign of a socket/file descriptor leak.
>> ==6168== Warning: invalid file descriptor 1019 in syscall socket()
> ...and so does this. File descriptor 1019 should be rare unless
> you've used ulimit() to expand the number of file descriptors your
> process can deal with. Have you?
> I'm not aware of any such leaks within libcurl, which could imply
> that the leak is caused by your app...
> Also, libcurl4 is not a very specific libcurl version. 4 is just the
> ABI number. What is the exact libcurl version you're using?
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