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Re: Building and using static libcurl on Windows with VS2008

From: Sergei Trofimov <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 16:19:30 +0300

Hi Gisle,

> Add 'ws2_32.lib' to you linker command. Also, if you need the ldap
> protocol (small chance), add wldap32.lib also. If you don't need
> ldap, add '-DCURL_DISABLE_LDAP' to you CFLAGS while building
> libcurl.
>> BTW "Using-libcurl-with-SSH-support-in-Visual-Studio-2008.pdf" doc
>> asking to set "CURL_STATIC" flag but install guide asking for
> It's CURL_STATICLIB (the .doc must be wrong if it says otherwise).
> Anyway, this option needs the user to link in Winsock. Normally
> (when not using CURL_STATICLIB), the ABI exposed by libcurl.dll does
> not depend on ws2_32 (winsock). It only when you make a static
> lib. that you the user needs to provide the needed libs.
> Clearer?
Thanks a lot for detailed explanation - all works fine now.
But right now I'm thinking about dynamic linking:) So I open unmodified
curlib.vcproj in VS 2008 and just build it. But I see curlib.lib file
only and can't find dll file.
Can u please point me on available documentation how to build dll
using VS2008 or provide required info here?
Thanks a lot

Received on 2009-01-10