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Re: NTLMv2

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:28:18 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Bharat Varma wrote:

> Now that NTLMv2 has been opened up my MS sometime back, does libcurl support
> NTLMv2 ?

Opened up? How opened up? And no, libcurl doesn't support it. I'll welcome

> Would SSPI support now enabled on curl, would it help getting through NTLMv2
> ?

I don't know. Try it and tell us how it works!

> Or do we need to accept Domain, username, password information from the user
> ?

How is that related to NTLMv2? AFAIK you don't need to provide that info for
the regular SSPI NTLM auth so I would expect that to be the same for v2.

Received on 2009-01-19