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Re: curl_easy_setopt for SSL proxy

From: A. Craig West <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 17:33:26 -0500

2009/1/25 Daniel Stenberg <>:
> Not at all. With libcurl you set the proxy to use with the URL you specify.
> So if you give it a HTTPS URL, it will use the specified proxy for that. I
> figure that is what a "ssl_proxy" is... Or did I misunderstand?
> In what way would it differ from CURLOPT_PROXY and why?

I believe what he is looking for is a way to specify a different proxy
for each protocol separately, which is something I will need to
implement eventually as well. The difficult thing would be dealing
with possible future or optional protocols gracefully. I have thought
of one possible implementation, if we make CURLOPT_PROXY a comma
separated list of proxies, and if the proxy includes a protocol, use
the proxy for that protocol only. An example would be:
Which would set up 3 proxies, one for https: urls, one for ftp: urls,
and one for everything else... Authentication could complicate things,
but you could also include user:password@ in the definition to deal
with that. This has the advantage of not requiring new options for
every protocol, but seems somewhat kludgy.
Received on 2009-01-25