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problems with vblibcurl

From: info <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 16:56:15 +0100


i wrote a program using vblibcurl and it works fine on my system,
however if i try to run it on any other computer it just crashes.
i used the provided example modules and i even made an installer to
ensure all dll's get copied. Did anyone ever run into similar problems?
i'm totally lost i was trying to figure this out since days and still no
sollution. i even downloaded another visual basic project thats using
vblibcurl and when i compile it on my sys it works, if i copy it to
another system it just crashes.
i included both vblibcurl.dll and libcurl.dll also tried to copy it to
the windows folder and had it in the same folder as the app.
its also using vblibcurl.tlb and VBVM6Lib.tlb. I was reading that you
dont have to include those in the setup, but i tried that anyway and
still the same it always crashed and i cant figure out why. i even tried
to remove all other features just leaving the curl code in and it crashes..
any idea what could be wrong ? i'm really out of ideas..any help would
be really appreciated!

thanks in advance,

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