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Re: Build using CMake

From: Guenter <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:26:02 +0200

Hi Yang,
Yang Tse schrieb:
> Something that is more frequently seen among people wanting to build
> lib/curl with MSVC or for Win32 than those using other compilers or
> platforms, is a lack of knowledge of the tools they are using.
that's what I also thought often enough in the past.

> What I really doubt is that any tool chain or build system will be
> capable of fully replacing the most elemental required skills, no
> matter if it is just a point and shoot, oops 'click', build system.
I would express this more plain: without mouse these folks are lost; and
reading docu seems also not to be a habit of them.

> And what is worse, the more layers you put between a rooky and his
> compiler, the more knowledge he will need to sort out even the most
> trivial problem.

> As I have said, I'm not yet a cmake believer, nor openly detractor.
same here, and for me it would mean to start on making CMake work with
my NetWare cross compilers (which I started already a long time ago, but
due to other priorities had to push on halt).

> Do you know if CMake has a built-in Bourne shell interpreter?
I dont know; the only contact I had up to now with Cmake was in the past
with other projects (like libgd) as plain user of an existing build
system, and that I compiled latest self in order to follow up with the
help from the CMake developers who offered to help with adding NetWare

>> [...] working nmake makefiles which can be imported and converted to
>> project files by the IDE; then we document this and that's it.
> Which IDE? MSVC's? From which VS version?
at least MSVC6 can, but I'm confident that newer versions can do too
(but not yet checked; Pierre might tell us...)
What I've also not checked yet is if newer MSVC versions ship with a
somewhat improved nmake? One of the most downsides of nmake is that I
didnt find a substitution rule to generate an object list from the *.c
files which I can get fine with including our ...
Therefore I suggested to think about a gnu-make approach which I think
is totally acceptable - though at the cost that then the MSVC IDE cant
read the makefile anymore, and generate a project from it.

Received on 2009-04-01