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http put......

From: neha bhagat <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 15:50:57 +0530

Can CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM option be used for put method.......

Actually I need to send data partially......Eg: 4GB file will be send in 4
1GB chunks

the options that i hve set are as under:

if((result = curl_easy_setopt(obj->client_handle,CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM_LARGE ,

                                   offset))!= CURL_OK)



        printf("mbx_curl_setopt : range option failed\n") ;
        goto error ;

where offset indicates the starting byte of chunk.....

bt it curl_easy_perform fails for all other chunks except when offset =0....

Can you please guide me over this issue...

Thanks in advance
Received on 2009-04-02