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curl check for file with TFTP

From: Guenter <>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 03:49:53 +0200

Hi all,
while we can check with -I / --head for existance of a file with http
and ftp, this option seems currently be ignored with tftp. Ok, clear
since the tftp server has at first glance no way to do such a check...
though from what I've read it might be possible to simulate at least
something like a 'file-exists' check when we would send the request, and
wait for the ACK and the first packet (not sure if its even possible to
break right after the ACK already), and then stop transfer and bail out
with success if -I (or any other probably new option) is given....
this way it would be possible to only check if a file exists which might
be useful in some cases.


Received on 2009-04-08