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HTTP URL sent to wrong IP -- cache problem?

From: Jim Freeman <>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 14:26:29 -0700

I have single thread, doing HTTP operations via curl_easy_xxx to two
different URLs using the same curl handle. I have a situation where it
is sending to the wrong server IP. Here's the sequence:


1) Do curl_easy_reset().

2) Do curl_easy_setopt (CURLOPT_URL) to set URL #1, plus set some other

3) Do HTTP operations to URL #1.

4) Do curl_easy_reset().

5) Do curl_easy_setopt (CURLOPT_URL) to set URL #2, plus set some other

6) Do curl_easy_perform to do HTTP GET. If not first time here, then
GET incorrectly sends URL #2 string to the IP address of URL #1 instead
of URL #2.

7) goto step 1


It always works the first time through the loop, and fails as explained
at step 6 on every loop thereafter. I verified wrong IP behavior using
a network sniffer. If I put breakpoints in (i.e. cause a time delay)
after step 4, it often works. Or if I add in "curl_easy_setopt (xxx,
CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT, 1)" after step 4 then the problem is fixed, but
then of course I don't get a keepalive connection.


I'm using curl lib 7.19.2 on Windows.


Any idea what's wrong? Thanks...



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