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Re: bad request with SSL; libcurl 7.19.4 SSL enabled / Win32

From: Thomas Reinhardt <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 11:56:00 +0200

Ok, you have too little information.

network structure:

Client --> PW-Gateway intern (PWGi) --> PW-Gateway extern (PWGe) --> Proxy (throws the bad request) --> App-Server

If we use SSL, the CURLOPT_PROXY Option isn't set, because in this case a nameserver is used to route requests to the App-Server to the IP from the PWGi. The PWGi then forwards the request to the real App-Server adress.

The connection between the Client and the PWGi uses SSL. The PWGi is the SSL endpoint. The connection between the PWGi and the PWGe is encrypted with Private Wire. The next station ist the restrictive proxy, that throws the bad request.

I have tracked down that the POST URL is wrong.

> POST /servlets/tstOnline HTTP/1.1

This POST URL isn't RFC conform.

should be: POST HTTP/1.1

If i don't use https, the POST URL is correct and looks like this:


If i test without SSL and change the header during the session and delete the protocol and the host from the POST URL, the proxy also reacts angry.

I hope, the problem comes now in a sharper relief.

best regards

Thomas Reinhardt

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Received on 2009-04-15