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Visual Studio 2008 Solution for Curl

From: Jack Liptrap <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:18:32 -0700

I wanted to make the solution files available for those who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. I spent the morning figuring out why VS9 wouldn't compile the solution after it auto-upgraded the VS6 workspace. libcurl project wasn't outputing to the correct directory (curlsrc was expecting Lib-Release/Lib-Debug, not Release/Debug). libcurl project wasn't naming output properly in the debug builds (always would compile as libcurl.lib regardless of build; curlsrc was expecting libcurld.lib on debug builds). Lastly, I didn't find any documentation on where to define USE_WINDOWS_SSPI. In VS9, you go to the project properties of libcurl and add USE_WINDOWS_SSPI to the preprocessor definitions.


I'm new to open source and not exactly sure how stuff gets shared and updated. I would expect that these files would get dropped onto CVS by if given the thumbs up. Hopefully this email will go through with attachments.


vc9curl.sln in /curl

curlsrc.vcproj in /curl/src

libcurl.vcproj in /curl/lib

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Received on 2009-04-23