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Re: cmake in 7.19.5 and future

From: Sukender <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:50:40 +0200

Hi Daniel,

> I'd like to request a README.cmake file from you for inclusion in the
> next and future releases.

Alright. But I suggest to use another name since the ".cmake" extension is generally used for CMake scripts. "README_CMAKE", "README.cmake.txt", other?

> It would explain how to build (lib)curl with cmake, how to tune the
> build, what can be exepected to work and what isn't yet working etc.

Good idea. If I have a few "minutes+", I'll certainly make a first draft (if noone does it before, of course).

> Without docs or testing, I'll remove the files from the tarball again
> until someone has the time to do those things. I can't say that the
> activity and devotion so far brings me much hope of a cmake system
> that'll last long into the future...

I didn't have much time these past days, but FYI, I'm currently configuring my brand new laptop. I'm not far from having a clean linux box to play with (I'm talking about cURL/Cmake of course).

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