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Re: max download/upload speed setting (libcurl, Delphi)

From: :) <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 23:09:46 +0200

>> The CURL_SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T define should be usable for this. And the
>> CURL_TYPEOF_CURL_OFF_T define should be useful to figure out what "real"
>> type the curl_off_t is.
> But again, since the pascal compiler can't read curlbuild.h,
> I can't think of any way to generate a portable binding
> without access to the specific curlbuild.h file for each
> possible platform.
> Possibly the best approach for the pascal side is to define
> curl_off_t as int64 with a disclaimer in the docs saying
> the application must either use a DLL that is compatible
> with that definition, or redefine it to suit.
> Another runtime approach that comes to mind is to use
> curl_version_info() to check if the CURL_VERSION_LARGEFILE
> bit is set, would that guarantee that we are using a 64bit
> curl_off_t ?
>  - Jeff

it doesn't matter, since the newest mingw DLL uses 64bit, the only
possible solution is Int64,
it really works, so it is not necessary think about it :)
if any other platform doesn't have 64bit, the programmer will find out xD
But I don't suppose FPC doesn't have it and nobody uses old Pascal :)
Received on 2009-07-06