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Re: libcurl 64-bit windows

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 04:14:36 +0200


:) schrieb:
> sorry, if I am mistaken, but I haven't found "libcurl.dll" in your
> build ... and "zlib1.dll" too.
> I don't know nothing about Win64, so I don't know if I should look for it :D
> what is win67? :)))
> I thought that 32bit win app should work on 64bit too, it really
> works, but the library doesn't communicate with the internet :(
> So the first was to have a look for 64bit dll's
I have autobuilds up which build with mingw 64-bit, but at the moment
they dont use SSL since the mingw 64-bit stuff doesnt have OpenSSL yet,
and we have a prob currently in libcurl with newer NSS and GnuTLS - so
for now they are only non-ssl, but with ssh2:

(BTW. the header is not just for fun - so please read it :) )

once the SSL probs are sorted out I will provide 64-bit binaries too,
and we can link to my builds.

Oh, and I have also tested these builds on WinXP-64bit Edition, and they
work fine.

Received on 2009-07-12