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Curl APIs failure reasons

From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 11:00:44 +0000


I want to know if a CURL api fails, is it that it will fail throughout the
application life? Is some sort of permanent error that cannot be resolved?
IS it something like resource crunch that curl is going through because of
which allocation/deallocation is not happening properly?
I am using following APIS. I use return value of the API to check if it has
successed or not.

curl_easy_init ( returns non null handle)
curl_multi_init ( returns non null handle)
curl_slist_append (returns a non null value)
curl_easy_setopt (CURLE_OK)
curl_multi_add_handle (CURLM_OK)
curl_multi_remove_handle (CURLM_OK)
curl_multi_fdset () (CURLM_OK)
curl_easy_getinfo (CURLE_OK)

If the above values are not returned I believe that some error has occured.
I want to know if this error is permanent or can change after some time
within the same lifetime of an application. This is necessary since I am
going to shutdown my application if any of above does not happen.

Please help.

Thanks and Regards
Received on 2009-07-16