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Re: renaming of config.h to curl_config.h

From: Bill Hoffman <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 12:10:33 -0400

Guenter wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Bill Hoffman schrieb:
>> I was able to get c-ares working with the CMake build. It required
>> moving the -I stuff around a bit, but I did get it to work. If the
>> curl -I stuff comes first it seems to work. I only tested on windows.
>> BTW, the CMake build now has a c-ares option.
> ok, but I think you should in any way move the -I../lib include at last
> position, or otherwise the ares build might use the setup.h from libcurl
> which might cause further probs if something is defined with ares
> setup.h which is not in libcurl's setup.h ...
> I have now for the autobuilds hacked around to append -I../lib to the
> CFLAGS, and looks if that does the trick for now, though not really
> happy with the place where I added it :(
> GŁn.
I am not sure how I got it to work....

That said, the best fix would be to change curl setup.h to curl_setup.h
or put it in a directory curl, so it is included as curl/setup.h.

Received on 2009-07-16