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multi info no messages

From: Dean S <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 14:14:08 +0000

I am using the .NET binding for a HTTP POST file upload. Once the file uploads and I check multi info there are no messages. The debug and progress functions work, hence I know the file upload is done but I never get any messages from multi info. I realise the .NET binding is old and tried to use a newer libcurl.dll but that didnt fix it

                int stillRunning = 1;
                CURLMcode result;

                while ((result = multi.Perform(ref stillRunning)) == CURLMcode.CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM)

                if (result != CURLMcode.CURLM_OK)

                int rc = multi.Select(1000); // one second

                MultiInfo[] minfo = multi.InfoRead();
                if (minfo != null)
                    foreach (MultiInfo done in minfo)
                        Easy easy = done.EasyHandle;

Basically multi.InfoRead() returns null always, I check that function since its part of the .NET binding which is old and might be the problem but it gets 0 messages from libcurl so I am thinking its something else, I am still new at cURL so I have probably done something wrong with how to use multi.

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Received on 2009-07-24