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Corrupted data with POST on Mac OSX 10.5 with an account that has parental controls activated

From: Vince Tagle <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 15:21:00 -0700


So I have a rather obscure bug that I've encountered and it is when
I'm using libCurl to make an HTTP POST call on MacOS 10.5 with an
account with parental controls activated, the last two bytes of the
post data are overwritten with the characters "Pr". From the reports
our client has passed on to us, it seems to be fine under MacOS 10.4
as well as standard and admin accounts on the MacOS 10.5 machine.

Anyway, has anyone encountered this before or even know where to start
looking in the libcurl source code to track it down? I wrote a small
app to replicate the bug and to make sure it wasn't our project doing
something weird with the data buffer passed on to libcurl:

All it does is sends an HTTP POST call to a sever and displays the
response. I used a CGI script that basically echoed back the data
received. I also used a packet sniffer to see what was being sent out:

didn't affect the results at all The last two bytes were still being
overwritten on the way out.

Received on 2009-09-12