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Re: Help with C and curl

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2009 02:03:07 +0200

Hi, schrieb:
> Im trying to use libcurl in my C code.
> I have low level experience in C, but I try to use it and practice it
> with curl lib and without. Ok its lyrics.
ok, great that you took my first advice now - thanks.

> I have simple code with libcurl:
> What's wrong ? I try tu use %s and nothing true again.
well, that's because you didnt take the second advice and did read our
API docu, nor looked for learning the basics which explain how to use
printf() correctly with the data types you pass in ...
Dmitry gave you already some hints, and I give you some more:
you can pretty well learn from our bunch of samples:
these are also included with our source releases.
Please work a bit with these, and you get pretty quick a running sample.

thanks, Gün.

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