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Re: libcurlnet 1.3 compatible with libcurl 7.19.6

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2009 14:43:22 +0200

Joerg Giese schrieb:
> Yes, I do recompile my program as I am running it directly from Visual Studio,
> i.e., not a compiled exe version. What puzzles me is that if do exchange the
> libcurl dll, my program reports that *no* libcurl dll is found, even though the
> file is in the exact same folder and has the exact same file name. If the newer
> version, however, is not compatible, I would expect some sort of other error
> message hinting at the incompatibility.
the Win32 error messages are not always helpful, and you cant trust
them. Most likely you downloaded a libcurl version which has SSL / Zlib
/ SSH2 features / dependencies, and the additional required DLLs are

> Second, I was wondering why the old version 7.13 has a size of some 600 kb
> whereas version 7.19.6 only has about 400 kb -- or am I trying to use an
> inappropriate version? I downloaded my copy from
that's bad! This is my package, and as the name states its build with
MinGW32 compiler, and not with MSVC! Also this package has the
dependencies I mentioned above, and you need the zlib, openssl, libssh2
DLLs too in same directory...
But I strongly recommend that you get the source package, and compile
libcurl from source to make sure you dont run into compiler issues.
Also its a good idea to get the libcurlnet sources, and re-compile this
package too.


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