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Crash when re-using an scp conn when auth failed the previous time (r 7.19.6)

From: Liza Alenchery <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 14:49:33 -0400

Trying posting this again.


I apologize if this is something that has already been reported, but I was unable to find a mention about it.

For SCP, when authentication fails (maybe due to a wrong password), and then the same request is made, there is an attempt to re-use the connection and then it crashes.

I was trying 7.19.6, libssh2 1.2

Seems to me this is because:

1) On auth failure, sshc->ssh_session is set to NULL in ssh_statemach_act(), case SSH_SESSION_FREE

2) data->state.conn is not cleaned up.

3) In the next request, this connection is reused. sshc->ssh_session is NULL, but is sent in a call to libssh2_scp_send_ex(), causing the crash.

I was able to make the crash go away, by setting conn->bits.close = TRUE after sshc->ssh_session is set to NULL, so that this connection is not re-used the next time. Or I can reset data->state.conn.

I am using the multi interface.

Do let me know if this is an actual bug or if there is some other way I should be calling the APIs.


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