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Re: Win32 - MSVC 7.15.1 devel SSL enabled Chris Drake

From: Peter Klose <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 17:38:49 +0200

Hi GŁnter,
i followed your advice and downloaded the latest stable source-release and tried to compile it.
i have adjusted the settings as declared in your updated INSTALL, meaning disabled LDAP an IPv6, included the typedef in winsock2.h and here are the errormessages:
warning C4013 getaddrinfo undefined

error C2065 EAI_MEMORY undeclared identifier

I have searched the complete VCPP6 installation there is no EAI_MEMORY declaration anywhere. I have installed Service Pack5, so this cant be the problem. The new servicepack you mentioned in INSTALL unfortunately isnt an option for me as i would have to install a new harddisk with complete reinstallation of everything.
Hope you can help with that.

> Hi Peter,
> Guenter schrieb:
> > Please download latest OpenSSL, compile it self (is well explained in
> > README.W32), and then compile latest libcurl (is also well explained in
> > docs/INSTALL), and if you run into problems then we are glad to help out
> > so that you get it compiled / linked.
> I've updated INSTALL recently, and this version is not yet released;
> look for 'MSVC 6 caveats' line 249ff:
> or download recent snapshot (instead of 7.19.6 release) from here:
> GŁnter.
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Received on 2009-10-20