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Re: Win32 - MSVC 7.15.1 devel SSL enabled Chris Drake

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 16:56:24 +0200

Peter and all,

Can you give tonight's daily snapshot a try ?

I've committed some stuff to CVS which makes it easier to build curl
and libcurl with MSVC 6 without having PSDK installed.

Building any software with MSVC 6 without having PSDK installed is
just asking for trouble down the road once you have released it, you
might notice the problems in the first corner or ten miles ahead,
depending mostly on your choice of static vs dynamic runtime and third
party libraries for your software. Anyone using software built in such
way will at some point regret having done it.

When someone uses MSVC 6 without PSDK he is using a compiler way back from 1998.

If the compiler has been updated with the installation of a service
pack as those mentioned in the
compiler can be safely used to read source code, translate and make it
object code.

BUT, even with the service packs mentioned above installed, the
resulting software generated in such an environment will be using
outdated system header files and libraries with bugs and security
issues which have already been addressed and long time ago fixed.

In order to make use of the updated system headers and fixed libraries
'Platform SDK', PSDK from now onwards, for MSVC 6 must be installed.
The specific PSDK that must be installed for MSVC 6 is the February
2003 edition, which is the latest one supporting the MSVC 6 compiler,
this PSDK is also known as 'Windows Server 2003 PSDK' and can be
downloaded from

So, building curl and libcurl with MSVC 6 without PSDK is absolutely
discouraged for the benefit of anyone using software built in such
environment. And it will not be supported in any way, as we could just
be hunting bugs which have already been fixed way back in 2003.

The changes I've committed to CVS will disallow building, out of the
box, curl or libcurl with MSVC 6 without PSDK installed issuing a
message that the February 2003 PSDK is required. This is done to
protect the unsuspecting and avoid PEBKAC issues.

Additionally it might happen that a die hard MSVC hacker still wants
to build curl or libcurl with MSVC 6 without PSDK installed, even
knowing that this is a highly discouraged and unsupported build
environment. In this case the changes I've committed to CVS will allow
the brave of heart to build in such an environment with the sole
requisite of defining preprocessor symbol ALLOW_MSVC6_WITHOUT_PSDK in

GŁn and all,

The need for the socklen_t definition in winsock2.h is no longer
required since the introduction of curl_socklen_t in version 7.19.5.

Have fun,

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