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RE: Is this a bug in the configure script?

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:15:26 +0200

Yang Tse wrote:

> It might be possible to directly attach an Apollo 11's keyboard to
program it :-D)

Probably. But it's still more reliable than Apollo 13 ;-)

> I suppose that more or less all the above means that <sys/types.h>,
> <sys/socket.h> and <sys/un.h> are all different MBR's of the same

Yes, they are called TYPES, SOCKET an UN respectively, and are located
in FILE SYS of system LIB QSYSINC !

> ... and that there doesn't actually exist any MBR for any file header
> would exist in 'sys', as it would actually be an MBR of a different
> FILE from the one containing the three previous headers.

You can have a FILE named SYS in another LIB.
But the worse is: #include "sys/types.h" searches an MBR called TYPES.H
(instead of TYPE as above), because it is "-delimited. And #include
<stdio.h> searches member STDIO in file H !!!

In other words:
_ <curl/curlbuild.h> --> FILE "CURL", MBR "CURLBUILD"
_ <curlbuild.h> --> FILE "H", MBR "CURLBUILD"
_ "curl/curlbuild.h" --> FILE "CURL", MBR "CURLBUILD." (the trailing "H"
is left out because the name is too long !!!)

For now, I use file H for header members.

> I understand your reasons, trying to get rid of the leading 'curl'
> path on the 'curlbuild.h' include statement in curl.h header file.
> And I find them good enough to actually try to get rid of it,

Many thanks, Yang, I really appreciate your attention and your work on

> I leave for you undoing whatever changes you did to adapt the
> OS400 package to this, once that the change is in CVS.

Will do it.
In addition, I will make some tests with copying FILE H to FILE CURL
(remember: no link :-( ), to allow more possible syntaxes in the calling
program's #includes.

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