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Re: Is this a bug in the configure script?

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 17:00:19 +0200

Patrick Monnerat wrote:

> In other words:
> _ <curl/curlbuild.h> --> FILE "CURL", MBR "CURLBUILD"
> _ <curlbuild.h> --> FILE "H", MBR "CURLBUILD"
> _ "curl/curlbuild.h" --> FILE "CURL", MBR "CURLBUILD." (the trailing
> "H" is left out because the name is too long !!!)

Patch attached, so that it can be tested.

The patch only removes the leading leading 'curl' path on the
'curlbuild.h' include statement in curl.h header file. It does not
change the ones in lib/setup.h So this would leave the following
includes in curl/curl.h and lib/setup.h:

#include "curlbuild.h"
#include "curlrules.h"

#include <curl/curlbuild.h>
#include <curl/curlrules.h>

Changing the <curl/curlbuild.h> include in lib/setup.h to
"curlbuild.h" would imply additional changes in all platforms
makefiles, compiler projects and some build scripts, not just the
auto-makefile ones. So the risk of braking things would be certainly
big and we wouldn't notice except for commonly used systems. So mostly
I'm against changing the lib/setup.h ones. Otherwise I'm not sure if
OS/400 package actually requires this additional change or if it would
_greatly_ benefit from it.

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> [...] since it isn't fixing any immediate or serious problem, perhaps
> we better wait until after the release so that we'll get some extra
> time to try it out.

Ok, will await 7.19.7 release.


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