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Re: Win32 - MSVC 7.15.1 devel SSL enabled Chris Drake

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 12:07:40 +0100

Peter, please, don't top-post on this mailing list.

2009/10/29, Peter Klose wrote:

> [...] am trying to get the things you adviced to work. downloaded:
> But of course this wont install because: "SDK requires msxml3.dll SP2
> or greater before proceeding [...]But it did not work yet [...]

Second hit on google returns:
List of Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) versions

Which down near the bottom has a link to:
How to install Microsoft XML Parser and Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML)

Which has a link to:
How to obtain the latest Microsoft XML 3.0 service pack

which right now has a link to download,
Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 7 (SP7), with versions
available all the way up from Windows 98 to Windows 2003.

If you are using MS software I don't know why you get surprised when
they make you follow their rules, it has always been that way since
the early MS days, besides all the EULA's many blind-click agree. I
hope you are not sitting behind a 300/1200 Hayes modem and have a fast
internet access.

But, actually how to get your compiler working is not a subject
belonging to this mailing list.

> [...] You see, this is one of the main reasons why i do NOT want to
> use libraries supplied by MS and as an alternative want to use libraries
> like CURL and libcurl instead,

I understand that you want to depend the least possible on MS software,
but if you want it to run on a Windows box some MS rules might apply.

> the only thing is: how do i get it to work with my compiler MSVC 6?

This has already been explained for CVS and upcoming (lib)curl version.

Please read again the words 'CVS and upcoming (lib)curl version' don't
bother with other (lib)curl versions or might get very frustrated at
some point.

> Anybody out there with some compiled library ready to use??? Without
> this crazy hassle delivered by MS?

Rhetorical question ahead. You don't want to depend or play on MS
rules, but you are willing to depend on a binary which you can not

> I cant believe this. libcurl is used by millions of applications,
> thats why i decided to use it for mine too. This is REALLY unbelivable
> hassle with a simple C-library.

Watch out, a simple external API is a convenience for the library
user, but that means that all the complexity is moved to inside and
the library building stage. Once you get it built, it is actually easy
to use. By no standard I would call libcurl a 'simple C-library' as a
matter of fact you are having plenty of fun building it for yourself.

> Are you using that fancy, crazy, non-standard memory magic with curl
> that makes it such a pain to get it compiled?

That is an indication that you are still trying to build/use a Win32
libcurl 7.15.1. Given all the problems you seem to have, I have no
option but to tell you again to get a CVS snapshot built later than
October-22-2009 and try again.

1) Download and
extract it to a new folder.
2) Edit curl-7.19.7-20091030\lib\config-win32.h go to line number 7
and replace empty line #7 with the following text:
3) Save modified curl-7.19.7-20091030\lib\config-win32.h
4) Open curl-7.19.7-20091030\vc6curl.dsw with MSVC6
5) From MSVC6 top menu select Build/BatchBuild and on the opening
dialog box click on 'Build'

This will generate for you four libcurl libraries and four curl executables.

It is that easy to get started even without the PSDK installed.

Be nice and and report back. That might get you more help on the future.

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