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Logging to my Mobile provider and grabbing the content.

From: Alexander Schwan <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 01:55:35 +0100

Hi to all readers,

I had some very high mobile invoices last months... so i want to crawl the
infomration about how much i have already phoned this month and evaluate
them automatically ...
Im new to PHP and to CURL but i have some experience in programming in

i looked for some tutorials about curl and how to use livehttpheaders and so
on, anyway i did not succees.

the homepage is and i want to grab the information of ""
but this does only work if im logged in and and i fail to log in...

i tried it with: (codepaste)

the Variables include no content after execute

but it did not work...

maybe you can help me?? im a little bit frustrated .... thanks a lot!!


Alexander Schwan

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Received on 2010-02-16