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Re: some NetWare build probs ...

From: Guenter <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 03:36:21 +0200

Michael Wood schrieb:
> On 9 April 2010 14:33, Michael Wood <> wrote:
> [...]
>> This assumes you can run git on the platform you're trying to compile
>> on, but I suspect you are cross-compiling on Windows, so maybe it's
>> feasible?
> I just glanced at the build log and notice that it does not look like
> Windows, so I think it's definitely feasible.
yes, its a cross-compile on Linux ....; but thanks anyway for your hints
which may serve useful with other future probs.
I checked further, and found what the reasons were for these build failures:
I had - as previously suggested - a symlink 'ares' in the curl directory
while the c-ares clone was at same level as the curl clone. Since
NetWare is a non-configure build the does just copy the curl
dir to the build dir, but it does only copy the symlink but not the
files of c-ares, thus the make then runs in the c-ares git clone itself
instead of the build copy! Since I run multiple target configurations
all from same clone logically there was leftover from a previous build
run, and the c-ares make didnt run again because libcares.a was already
present, and finally curl was linked with an incompatible libcares.a.
I hope that I've now fixed this with putting the c-ares repo into the
curl repo; here's my current fetch script:
test "$USER" == 'root' && echo "This script should never run as root
user!" && exit 1
test -d curl && rm -rf curl
git clone git://
git clone git:// curl/ares

then I did also change to check for the c-ares repo inside
curl, and do a 'git pull' there too ....
lets see what next autobuilds will show up - hopefully I did it right,
and not break .... :)


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