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Curl Version 7.15 MSVC w/SSL

From: John Zadeh <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 13:44:39 -0500

Is the MSVC 6 version of Curl 7.15 +SSL taken down, or is the link broken? I would really appreciate it if someone can direct me to that package, as I have already spent time setting it correctly. I have tried the newest version for MSVC 6 +SSL, 7.19.3, but it's giving me a strange error ("The application failed to initialize properly ect ect........."), and just trying to run the curl.exe file(s) from the command line gives me an error ("The application failed to start because the configuration is incorrect...ect..ect").

Please tell me where I can find: MSVC Curl Version 7.15.1 w/SSL by Chris Drake

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