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From: conchi <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 11:49:32 +0200


I'm using this library to send a GET http command to a WEB Server.

I have made a little test program. I'm using the last version of the

The connection timeout is 2000 ms.


Sometimes the Curl_connecthost function in connect.c returns with

The WEB server have not any problem.


I see (with an ethernet sniffer) that the curllib is closing the socket
without waiting this timeout.

In fact, the problem I think, is that the curlib does not send the SYN
inmediately, it delays some time before tryning to open the socket, and when
connect with the server, the timeout has reached and the library closes the

I can attach a txt file with the ethernet sniffer results. See the last 4
lines, please.


Can you help me?

Sorry for my bad English.

Best regards.

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