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How to login to a website, upload a file and retrieve the link of the uploaded link?

From: sadnem(gmx) <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 00:04:12 +0200

Hi, searching on the internet I found this script
( that uploads files to megaupload then
retrieveīs the uploaded link and finally saves them on a text file, I
really liked that about curl (Didnīt know much about it before) and now
I was wondering how could i make this kind of script to the 4 sites I
use (Netload,hotfile, and ugotfile) can anyone instrusct me a
little bit how to do it? (And yes, Iīve read, and curl --help and Iīm
still a curl newbie)
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Received on 2010-04-27