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libcurl daily buils execution time

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 12:18:40 +0200

Hi Tor,

FYI libcurl daily builds execution time has skyrocketed recently.

For example "Linux 2.6 x86-64 gcc 4.2.1" daily build with "CONFOPTS =
--without-ssl --enable-debug --disable-ipv6" on June 4 spent 545
seconds actually running test tools, while the same configuration on
June 8 employs 434 seconds _more_.

So obviously, something changed between these dates makes the tests
run slower, I don't know if this represents a real world libcurl usage
impact or not.

Assuming that no other library has been changed on that box between
those dates, there are two libcurl related changes that might be
introducing the extra time.

First one is related with new Curl_updateconninfo() function in connect.c
. If you add a return statement at the beginning of that function and
run the tests, does execution time drop near old values?

Second candidate is commit

But I really think culprit will be the Curl_updateconninfo() related
one. Please, if you have time verify which one is the time sucker and
report the issue back so that others can be aware of it.

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