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Re: Want to contribute SMTP AUTH configuration

From: Paul Romero <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 09:12:09 -0700

Hi Sune:

I can't address the issue of libcurl but, I can address the issue
of SMTP AUTH. Indirectly, libgcrypt supplies all the
necessary capabilities and gsasl supplies a standard
interfaces for using them. I am not quite sure how they
are integrated into libcurl.

Best Regards,

Paul R.

Sune Ahlgren wrote:

> Hi,
> a company I work for use libcurl in their applications. I've run some
> SMTP- and SMTP extension tests with curl and my conclusion is that it
> seems to support what we need apart from one thing which I will get
> back to:
> ===========
> Today libcurl allows: PLAIN, LOGIN and CRAM-MD5, but a client
> application may not want to send its credentials in the clear, thus
> has a need to require CRAM-MD5 only, even if the SMTP server sends a
> list of all three (or more). If the server does not support CRAM-MD5
> the client will rather abort than go down the LOGIN and PLAIN path.
> ===========
> A possibility to control what kind of authentication mechanism to
> allow from an SMTP client. NOT compile time, but execution time.
> ===========
> My intention is to write (or ask someone else to write) additional
> code that adds this feature in a way that it can be accepted upstream
> (by someone curl responsible), where tests will be included in the
> delivery. This way, the rest of the community can use this feature and
> we don't have to do a merge for every libcurl source upgrade.
> ===========
> Pointers and initial help on how to go about this, API design
> suggestions and perhaps an API review. Just to follow the API
> intentions of curl, we don't need C programming baby sitters.
> Comments?
> BRs
> /Sune
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