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Re: Configure $as_echo does not work on OpenVMS bash.

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 08:54:59 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011, John E. Malmberg wrote:

>> the last one you know works
> # Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.61 for curl -.

I use Debian unstable (sid) to do release builds on, and 2.61 was current
there until 28 Feb 2009[*]. I therefor guess we broke OpenVMS bash at 7.19.4
or 7.19.5 something (depending on when exactly I did my syncing with the
latest packages).

>> It already tries to detect the best way and if it does it wrong now, it is
>> an autoconf bug. I did a quick google but I couldn't find any other mention
>> of poeple having this problem with autoconf on OpenVMS though...
> Autoconf does not run on OpenVMS.

Right, but the configure script with the ac_echo thing is still generated by
autoconf so that's where the bug is.

> I will look at having the build procedure on OpenVMS patch the configure
> script before it is run, as I will probably start finding this behavior in
> other projects. It looks like if I just set $as_echo to run the echo built
> in, that it should be good enough to get by.

So as_echo works fine if set:


? I'll see if I can forcibly override the variable at will for OpenVMS...

> I really do not have the cycles to look at getting autoconf to produce sane
> values for VMS.

I understand, but it could still be worth the effort to submit a bug report to
the autoconf team so that they are at least aware of this.

[*] =

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