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Re: Getting libcurl running on a microcontroller

From: Guenter <>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2011 22:08:29 +0100

Hi Richard,
Am 09.03.2011 20:55, schrieb Dan Fandrich:
> The end of the file docs/INSTALL lists a bunch of operating systems on
> which libcurl has successfully been run. It's not a comprehensive list,
> but there are a number of RTOSes listed there. It's probably possible
> to squeeze a simple networking app running libcurl and an RTOS into a
> 32 MHz microcontroller with 256 KiB of memory, but you'll save yourself a lot
> of integration effort if you just buy a cheap, overpowered SBC running
> a full OS (like Linux) like a Beagleboard (which is only $150).
> lists bunches of other similar boards.
I can only second Dan's suggestion, and add that I made good experience
with the Alix boards (~100€):
they run a couple of Linux distros fine; I use them self for Firewalls,
f.e. pfSense, Ipcop, Ipfire, and those all make use of a minimal Linux
OS + Apache httpd, and sure I use curl on these too :-)
you can directly connect a 2.5" HD, or use a CF card (which I use in
most cases) for the OS; power consumption is ~3.8W (AMD Geode processor).


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