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Re: Sending Https request over proxy aborts

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 11:35:39 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 24 Mar 2011, taher daryani wrote:

> I am using libcurl to send http/https requests through a proxy. It works
> fine for http requests but it returns error 407 for https requests if I use

That's expected and normal. libcurl then picks the "best" auth type it knows
(among those that the server says it allows) and connects again.

> If I use CURLAUTH_BASIC then the request would succeed.

So the server only rejects libcurl if a single CONNECT is made? Or is there a
difference between the BASIC-at-once request and the
BASIC-after-the-prope-connect request?

What libcurl version is this on what platform?

> * Proxy auth using Basic with user 'user'
> Host:
> Proxy-Authorization: Basic dXNlcjpwYXPbs29yZA==
> User-Agent: Company Product
> Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive
> Content-Type: text/xml
> Accept-Language: -
> * Proxy CONNECT aborted
> * Closing connection #0
> * Failure when receiving data from the peer

That seems to be a Curl_read() that returns error so it looks like the proxy
is really not liking it. (around lib/http.c:1479 in my current dev code)

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