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curl_multi_fdset and the threaded resolver

From: Sorin Manolache <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 18:45:07 +0200


I've been using curl_multi_fdset with a curl library compiled without
the threaded resolver and relied upon it returning a positive number
of descriptors. Now the sysadmins replaced the curl lib with one that
has the threaded resolver and my application does not work any more.

What is the correct/portable/future-proof way to change my application
in order to support the threaded resolver? What should my application
do if maxfds = -1? Sleep (select with timeout on an empty set of
descriptors) and retry later, as suggested in some posts dating from
21-25 Apr 2010? Are there rules of thumb for selecting the smallest
sleep interval such that maxfds > 0 after wakeup?

Thank you,
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Received on 2011-08-04