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Re: Compiling libcurl staticly within DLL-module with mingw32

From: Alexander Tumin <>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 17:59:00 +0400

On 20 August 2011 16:26, Gisle Vanem <> wrote:
> I.e.
> 'CURL_EXTERN' in <curl/curl.h> is not '__declspec(dllimport)' as is required
> when
> using libcurl dynamically.
> Verify this with 'pedump module_static.dll' and 'depends'.

Here is pedump of module_static.dll:

Seems like libcurl completly replaces all symbols in dll with it's own
ones, as opposed to module_dynamic.dll:

How this can be fixed?
Sorry if i am missing something.
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Received on 2011-08-20