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Strange problem with .ASP pages

From: John Coppens <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 17:35:10 -0300

Hi people.

I found a couple of similar reports, but none matches exactly my
problem. Can anyone help here:

An authorization system using ASP(x) pages was too slow and complicated
to use, and only admitted Internet Explorer as browser. Even then, it
just fails erratically.

I wrote some code in C, using libcurl, and was able to do everything
much more efficiently. That is, until recently.

Now, a page has been added where a couple of floating point numbers
have to be entered (spanish locale, so floating 'commas' really). They
get accepted fine, but the following (results) page comes back and
misses the decimals entirely (showing the total without points/commas,
effectively multiplying it by 100). The values (with commas) are
accepted ok, as confirmed by a PDF invoice which is correct. Only the
ASP result page is wrong.

I analyzed the packets sent/received, added Accept-Language to the
POST, and tried to emulate the original flow as near as possible, but
no luck.

Any suggestion as to where the problem might be?

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