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Re: Closing an open connection with curl easy handle

From: Thibaut Le Guilly <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 09:37:40 +0200

Thanks for your answers I will check those.

Why is curl_multi_perform() a bigger problem than calling
> curl_easy_perform() ?

Because (unless I'm doing something wrong or misunderstood)
curl_easy_perform is synchronous and will call the write callback each time
the server sends notification, while curl_multi_perform is asynchronous and
needs to be called each time I want to check for notifications, and for the
write callback to be called (at least that's what I experienced). Is that
right? Or is there a way with the multi interface that would also call the
write callback as soon as a notification is received, without explicitly
calling curl_multi_perform?



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